What we do

Personal Training

Need a push to get results?

We know how to safely and effectively transform your body. Discover how just 30 minutes with us, could be all you need for amazing results.

Adventurous Training

Experience un-limit-less exercise?

Imagine climbing Kilimanjaro, trekked to Machu Picchu or running your first Marathon, we are determined to help in ways you cannot imagine.

Fit Club

Come and get your friend for fitness?

As soon as you start with us, we do everything we can to keep you focused. Being part of our club mean you get free access to our Boxing, Running, Swimming and Urban Fitness Small Group Personal Training Fit Club Sessions. Contact us now to find out more...

Our Story

Who We Are

Proud to be part of the PTbyPT Fitness Network and located at the Junction of Shepherd's Bush and Hammersmith Road, our Fitness Studio has been dedicated to Personal Training in the heart of Hammersmith since 2013. With decades of experience fine tuning how to get the best Fitness results for our clients, if you are looking for support with your Fitness, our diverse and compassionate team of Fitness professionals are your best start. Visit our studio to discover for yourself how we can help transform and revitalise you.

Our Philosophy

We are determined to add value to your life, our passion and easy going approach is dedicated to your fitness.

Our Approach

“You can do it” We are devoted to helping you focus on what you can do to achieve real results. Our experience and dedication to your success means we offer the structure and support you need to guarantee results and more importantly, believe in yourself.

Our Skills

Weight Loss90
Improving Fitness Levels95
Improving Posture 85
Increasing Muscle90
Motivation and Accountability95
Rehabilitation 75


Personal Trainer


Support Team


Nutritional Therapist


Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer




Personal Trainer

Our Price

We understand the importance of giving you value for your money... we have therefore reasonably priced our sessions to ensure that we continually provide a professional and premium service that does not compromise quality for price. Click on an option below to find out more

£ 15 00
for Group Training
Join the Fit Club

Our single session rate starts at £40 per 30 minutes session (for a 1 Session Gift Voucher). However, our regular clients with a Gold Membership, that includes 3, 30 minutes sessions per week for 12 Weeks, only pay £27.50 per session. Have a look below at our client testimonials and read about the value we give, to make sure your money is well spent...

Client Image
Nicholas Ib

Thankfully there is nothing macho or intimidating about PTbyPT, just effective and affordable support that helped me lose weight and tone up. Can't recommend them highly enough!!

Client Image
Norinda Jones

The back pain's gone... I feel great, look good (compliments keep pouring in!)... feel so much sexier in my new size 6 clothes :-) I've never been this fit since I was in my teens! If affordable fitness with amazing results is what you're after then I urge you to try PTbyPT - you won't be disappointed!

Client Image
Michael Dickson

Absolutely phenomenal, life changing experience... I have experienced a complete change in life style, I have lost a huge amount of weight, changed my look, even had to purchase a new wardrobe. They offer a very personal experience and make you feel as though you are there only client... This is the one place where results will show. BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!

take the Challenge

Are you ready to take your 'CHALLENGE'... Discover our structured step by step Personal Training approach we call 'the CHALLENGE system'. It is a devoted fitness experience exclusive to the PTbyPT Fitness Network that is dedicated to your Fitness... So come-on and Let's get started!



Getting to know you...

The first step in your journey with us is all about getting to know you and understanding why you feel you need a Personal Trainer.


Health and History

Getting to know all about you...

The second step is all about fully understanding your exercise and health history. This allows us to learn from your past so that we can move forward.



Working out where your at right now...

The third step is all about measurable establishing where you are at right now. This means we have a clear starting point.


Lifestyle Review

Do you need to make any changes?

The fourth step is all about taking a look at your lifestyle and identifying if any changes need to be made.


Lifestyle Plan

Let's set a realistic plan of action...

During the fifth step we look at the needed changes identified in the forth step and then make a plan of action to facilitate change.


Exercise Plan

Your bespoke Exercise Plan...

In the sixth step we put together your Personal Exercise Plan to align with your lifestyle.


Nutritional Plan

Your bespoke Nutrition Plan...

In the seventh step we take into consideration the first to the sixth step and then develop your Personal Nutritional Plan.



Are you Set for Success?

By the time we get to the eighth step we are in the best position to review and set you smart goals to secure your success.



How well are doing?

The ninth and final step allows for us to set an object and accountable timescale to measure and review your progress.


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